Warehousing and Logistics Services


Our spacious warehouses in strategic locations, close to the border with the EU, can solve your problems with logistics.


We have our own storage facilities in four cities: Kingisepp (total area of 5 ha.) Gdov, Porkhov and Dno. The warehouse in Kingisepp has access railroad tracks. We are ready to provide you with a list of all the necessary services for storage, handling, loading and unloading of goods. We have 15 cars at your service.


Logistics? Reliable placement and storage of goods? No problem – KHPP provides a very wide range of services in this area:

- Development of supply chain and best ways to deliver your goods
- Warehouse area rent for storing goods; from 5,000 sq.m.
- Short-term and long-term storage of goods on the premises of our own warehouse
- Loading and unloading operations (manually or with mechanical loaders)
- Loading and unloading of wagons on their driveways

- Free parking for 24 hours
- Professional security and video surveillance


KHPP is a reliable and proven "bridge" between the European Union and Russia.


Questions? Ask our staff.


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