Trading Feed Phosphates in Russia

Today, the structure of the Russian agricultural sector is quite diverse. Animal agriculture is its integral component. To improve productivity, namely, to increase the amount of meat, milk, and eggs, as well as wool and other animal products, it is necessary to feed and lure animals properly.

Basic fodder additives include phosphates. They are crucial for use in areas deficient of certain nutrients.

Depending on the composition, all feed phosphates can be divided into several types sharing one single thing – the content of phosphorus and calcium vital for animals and birds to ensure their growth, development, and productivity, which, in turn, is the key to successful development of the industry.

Adding feed phosphates to the fodder, it is possible to get the average daily weight gain of 7% in bulls, 8.6% – in pigs, an increase of 19% in milk yield, and an increase of 20% in egg production. The increase in the weight of animals, respectively, affects the increase in the amount of meat, which an important indicator for farmers and livestock industry workers.

Our company sells and transports the best feed phosphates across Russia by rail and road freight transport.

We use special packaging container types, e.g., Big Bag, with a capacity of up to 1 ton, or five-layer bags weighing up to 50 kg. The buyer chooses the transportation method and packaging.

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